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Support for Local Businesses

April 15, 2020

Support for Local Businesses

COVID-19  Local council assistance and advice available.

During this extremely difficult period, we understand that business owners, employees and landlords are very worried about the short and long terms effects of COVID-19 on themselves and the economy.

With so much uncertainty though, all levels of government have stepped up to provide a broad range of measures to help businesses and households get through an extended period of isolation and the rapidly changing business environment.

While some businesses such as supermarkets are busy, most haven’t been so fortunate. For these businesses, Nichols Crowder urges businesses to contact their financial advisor, bank and our office to learn more about the support measures available.

In addition to providing extensive guidance and information, many of the local Councils in the South East are also offering assistance packages. These include deferral of rate payments for businesses facing hardship; refunds of various business registration and operating fees; the waiver of rents for entities within Council buildings; the fast-tracking of applications and compliance issues; and businesses coaching or mentoring.

Some Councils are also exploring ways they can bring forward building and other maintenance programs, in an effort to maintain employment and keep money flowing through local economies.

Follow these links to find more information about the various ways Councils across the South East are assisting small businesses:

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