June 22, 2016

Showroom and big-box retailers to expand in Carrum Downs

The showroom and big-box retailing sector in Carrum Downs is set to grow strongly in the next few years.  Increased traffic flows along the Frankston Peninsula Freeway and changing demographics are influencing investor strategies for commercial property and the location decisions of large retailers.  Additionally, many of these types of retailers are looking to reduce costs and improve efficiencies by centralising operations in Carrum Downs.

“Showroom and big-box retailers, ranging from new car yards and lighting stores to Big W and Bunnings, are continually looking for ways to reach more customers and drive sales growth,” explains Michael Crowder, Director.  “In this low interest rate environment, and with more people living further from the CBD, opportunities for this retailing sector in Carrum Downs are plentiful.”

With ease of access to the rest of Melbourne, Carrum Downs is emerging as the new hot-spot for showrooms and big-box retailers.  Coupled with population increases in surrounding regions and competitively-priced commercial sites, more of these types of businesses are expected to move into the region.

Crowder continues, “With its central and convenient location, some companies are expected to move their headquarters to Carrum Downs.  For showroom and big-box retailers with multiple sites in Melbourne’s south-east, it could make financial sense to consolidate into a Carrum Downs location.  For example, a business based in Frankston, with operations also in Dandenong, might be able to reach customers from both of these areas through a Carrum Downs site while reducing outgoings.”

As the Carrum Downs area continues to increase in popularity with showroom and big-box retailers, demand for suitable sites is forecast to grow over the next few years.  This will greatly benefit owner-occupiers and investors through higher property values and yields.

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Michael Crowder

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