April 29, 2016

376 Nepean Highway, Chelsea

The client
A wonderful, relaxed couple who wanted to diversity their investment portfolio. Whist it was not essential to sell it was worth exploring.

The property
A double storey shop & dwelling property with a short term lease and possible redevelopment.

What needed to be solved
Careful consideration that we were clear on the multitude of opportunities available without confusing the marketing message. We believed the investor & developer market would show the greatest interest.

We needed to create a deadline date for purchasers to act, so we included the property into our
Portfolio Concept.

The photography was fundamental to show the corner positioning on the highway and the proximity to the beach. We used visuals to best showcase the property’s attributes.

We placed the property at the end of the portfolio auction due to the excellent interest but an unusual benefit arose
on auction day by placing the property last.

The ultimate purchaser came to actually purchase the first
property offered at auction but missed out. Even though they had not inspected this property, they were on a mission to buy something and were the successful purchaser.

However, during the campaign we had contacted the adjoining owner who was also a seller. Soon after we sold the adjoining property to the same purchaser.

We sold both properties for a total of $1,670,000 & both clients were over the moon.